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Barack Obama & the Muslim world?

US President Barack Obama made headlines with his much anticipated speech to the Muslim world on 4 June 2009, called ‘A New Beginning.’ The stage was Cairo University. Choosing Egypt as the place to make his speech was significant because of its multi-faceted role as a leading Arab, Muslim, and African nation, and home of Al Azhar, which Obama called ‘a beacon of Islamic learning.’

People asked me what I thought of Obama’s speech, so here goes…

First, about Obama the man. Having stepped onto the national scene less than five years ago when he eloquently spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 which nominated Senator John Kerry as their candidate for President of the United States, Obama’s rise to power has been simply stunning. He is well-known as a great speaker, even an orator. In these challenging times of multiple meltdowns in the economy, swine flu pandemic and global hot spots, Obama’s words inspire hope. Obama, from all appearances, is providing an outstanding ro…