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Margaret Thatcher - A Profile in Leadership

If there is one quality every organisation, business, and society at large desires to see at work, it is ‘leadership.’ The often used phrase: ‘leadership is the problem, leadership is the solution.’ Though we talk about it much, it is also becoming clear that leadership in its classic, effective state, is something we greatly lack in today. Where are the good time-tested qualities like conviction, courage, and common sense? A reasonable dose of ‘3C’ would do wonders in our increasingly complex and crisis-riddled world.
The Barna Group, in their April 19th 2013 email, made this statement about leadership: ...according to a new survey conducted by the Barna Group in conjunction with Brad Lomenick, president of the Catalyst conference, more than eight in ten (82%) Christian adults believe the United States is facing a crisis of leadership because there aren't enough leaders. Leadership seems to be one of those "if you see it, you know it" kind of qualities. And yet, it's…