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The Last Enemy: A Fresh Prospective on Death

It is the phone call you dread to receive, especially from a relative who never calls. But the call came on Thursday, the 3rd of September from the United States. The news was unwelcome, though hardly unexpected. My father, Frank, had a cardiac arrest in hospital and died despite attempts to resuscitate him (2nd September US time). He was 85 years old.

Dad’s death came only ten months after I got the other dreaded phone call. My mother, Louise, age 84, had also had a cardiac arrest and died despite the efforts of the paramedics to revive her. The date was the 31st of October.

Billy Graham, in reference to his beloved wife Ruth Bell Graham who died in 2007, said that no matter how much you anticipate death, it is still a shock when it comes. This is, no doubt, true for many people. The stunned realisation that your loved one has ‘passed on’ and you will not be able to see, speak, or visit with them for the rest of your natural life is an immeasurably sad thing. For many, it can be over…