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‘What’s the Big Deal About the Iran Nuclear Deal?’

When it comes to nuclear weapons and the Middle East, any deal is a big deal. As the epicentre of the earth in geography, energy, and theology, the last thing the world needs is a nuclear arms race in this strategic tinderbox of a region. That’s why for many years, the world has viewed with alarm the prospect of an atomic Iran.
Iran has consistently said that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes; nevertheless, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini wanted nuclear weapons. In addition, the doctrine of taqiyya, which means to conceal a religious (apocalyptic) agenda when revealing it could bring danger, is well-known among western decision makers.
Israel sees the potential development of an Iranian nuclear device as an existential threat. Even Europe is perspiring at the brow: Iran’s missiles can reach many places in Europe.  That’s why the United States (US), the United Nations (UN), and the European Union (EU) has slapped sanctions on Iran, whi…

The Big Fat Greek Bailout

Today, when you hear the word ‘Greece,’ what do you think of? The Acropolis in Athens? Romantic islands in the Aegean Sea, white stucco homes with blue roofs? Chances are today, when you hear ‘Greece,’ you think of economic collapse and European Union bailouts.
Too bad ... because there is more to Greece than that. Very, very few countries in the world have had the influence that the ancient Greeks wielded. Their ideas, philosophies, even the concept of democracy, are the bedrock of the western world. At the age of 18, I spent a year full time at university studying nothing else except ancient Greece and its key role in founding western civilization. Their contribution is incalculable. So like the ultra-Greek nationalist Gus Portokalas, father of Toula in the 2002 hit movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding (the biggest-grossing romantic comedy of all time), I agree that the Greeks are high up the totem pole.
It seems that today, however, they are at the bottom of the deepest valley. After 19 h…