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What Can We Do About North Korea?

It’s that time again and the sabres are rattling out of the Hermit Kingdom. We have heard these noises before. North Korea wants to test nuclear weapons, America and the international community confront, there are threats, then deals, things go quiet … until the next provocation. Is this time any different from before? Yes, it is - as if the Cold War never ended.
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the official name of North Korea, is a communist nation, a Stalinist state of 25 million people. It browbeats it subjects, has drastic food shortages, periodically threatens the South, and has the notorious distinction of being the Number One nation in the world for the persecution of Christians. Despite its official name, North Korea doesn't have democracy as we know it, does not observe human rights, and is ruled by an erratic, mercurial god-king. The Hermit Kingdom has had only 3 leaders since 1948: Father, son and grandson. The grandson, Kim Jong UN, though educated in Switzer…