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In Part 01, we focused on the American presidential campaign.
AUSTRALIA: Australia is due to have a federal election in 2016. Current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who successfully won a leadership challenge against former Prime Minister Tony Abbott in September 2015, appears to enjoy public goodwill, even though he has left the Abbott government’s policies intact. .
While Mr. Turnbull could be considered a left-leaning PM of a conservative political party, he has to decided - decisively so - if the Australian Liberal Party which he leads will remain ‘broad church’ - encompassing people with a range of positions - or go down the pathway of solid ‘progressivism,’ (e.g. big government with lots of borrowing, taxing, spending, and liberal on social issues), which would virtually mirror the left-wing Australian Labor Party.
The ‘broad church’ approach was used successfully by former Prime Minister John Howard, who was elected four times. If Turnbull goes the latter way and becomes a ‘Lab…


Want to turn a plain meal into a gourmet delight? Or create a nutritional powerhouse that fights off colds and flu? Or enjoy some comfort food on a cold winter’s night?
Then it’s time to bring out the chicken stock. Whether it is to enjoy chicken noodle soup or a variety of other soups, make a risotto that will please the crowds, or even add flavour to rice and pasta dishes, chicken stock is a must. And, if you have time, make it yourself and see the difference. After all, you have a say in the ingredients that go into it.
While it takes time to make a tasty nourishing stock, it couldn’t be more simple. Here is a basic recipe
Basic Chicken Stock
1 kilo (more or less) of chicken bones, chicken frame, or even an old ‘boiler’ chicken. 1-2 carrots, peeled and chopped 1-2 celery ribs, chopped 1-2 onions 1-2 cloves of garlic 1 bay leaf (alternatively, try 1 tablespoon of tomato catsup - it adds amazing flavour) 1-2 stocks of parsley Splash of vinegar (draws out nutrition but the flavour evaporates) Sal…


Genesis: It is not just the first book of the Bible - it is the foundation stone on which the remainder of Biblical revelation rests. The Hebrew name, Bereshith, is also the first three words of the Bible; it means ‘in the beginning.’ This says it all.
Genesis is indispensable. Without it, we would not know the following fundamental issues:
•God as Creator of the world and universe; •The beginning of history and the world; •The beginning of humanity; •Introduction of sin and death into the world; •The beginning of God’s plan of redemption, starting in Genesis 3:15; •Genesis is the foundation of all Biblical revelation; the Bible is the house, and Revelation is the roof. W. Graham Scroggie says Genesis is the foundation of which the whole superstructure of divine revelation rests.
A Book of Firsts
Just in the first four chapters, we learn about the first mention or origin of the following (this is a partial list):

Money Matters Part 2

PART TWO, we will learn some other winning principles of money management.
In Part 01, we learned that in order to be ‘Future Ready,’ one needs to know how to manage their time and money. Regarding money, it is important to remember God and put Him first.
In Part 02, we will look at a few practical principles in order to achieve the worthwhile goal of financial freedom.
1.Remember the poor: In this fallen world, we will not be able to eliminate poverty (Jesus says the poor you will have always - Matthew 26:11) but we can make life a little bit better to those who we can help. Giving to the poor is a loan to the LORD and God will repay (Proverbs 19:17). God will protect you in times of trouble (Psalm 41:1) when you give to the poor. Furthermore, it is wise to be generous even before your assets grow. As someone aptly put it, ‘Your giving is not a debt you owe but a seed you sow.’
2.Budget: This is a simple and necessary practice. Failure to budget will result in needless and difficult deb…


In our first part, entitled: ‘You Bigot, Can Political Correctness Keep People from Being Offended,?’ we looked at how political correctness tries to protect people (especially women, ethnic and sexual minorities) from being offended. As a result, ‘freedom of speech’ takes a big hit. Even the slim possibility that one minorities might be offended means the other party must be closed down verbally … just in case.
In Part Two, entitled ‘I’m Offended: What Should This Really Mean?’ we learned a Biblical description about this miserable condition. It is a more sensible and far more enduring description than the politically correct one.
Today, the broader cultural scene is about the ‘New Tolerance.’ Political correctness (PC) is the mother tongue of the ‘New Tolerance’ and those who lead the charge in politically correctness are the patron saints. Jonathan Sarfati in ‘The Tyranny of Tolerance’ says  “Not long ago, the word ‘tolerancemeant ‘bearing or putting up with someone or something no…