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Israel & the Middle East: The Tipping Scales

When it comes to Israel and the Middle East, there is never a dull moment. This once backward and sleepy part of the world has now come to centre stage in the greatest geopolitical drama of all. The Arab Revolution/Awakening of 2011 has caused us to take a fresh appraisal of what the future holds for the Middle East and the world.
Humanely speaking, when you cannot solve a problem, like Israel, Palestine, and Jerusalem, then the next best thing you can do is to ‘manage it.’ One of the key management methods is called ‘balance of power.’ It is this principle that kept the Cold War (1945-1989) from going ‘hot’ between the US, the Soviet Union, and their respective allies. Yes, there were many proxy wars like Vietnam and Afghanistan, but it never heated up enough to cause these two titanic nations to face each other on the battle field.
In like manner, ‘balance of power’ has helped keep relative peace in the Middle East. Even though the shadow of war has never gone away since 1948, the la…

Masculine or Macho: Will the Real Men Stand Up!

To be male is by chance of biology; To be a man is by decision
It is a common refrain for any boy growing up: ‘Be a man!’ From those who fish and hunt, to those who study and write ... it is an exhortation that can inspire or intimidate. It can also be confusing. What does it really mean to ‘be a man?’ Since there is an obvious crisis in manhood today, not to mention a ‘gender gap’ in churches, it is high time that we visit this foundational issue.
One of the salient features of the postmodern era is called ‘the age of redefinition.’ No longer can we assume that old models still inspire nor can we be sure that people know what we are talking about. In anything and in every way, especially in a issue as vital as this one, we need to define our key terms: what does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be masculine? What does it mean to be macho?
Before defining manhood, the other two terms must considered:
Masculine: male, having qualities related to a ‘man,’ in appearance and character…