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Of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do I Chronicles 12:32
Can you imagine it?
An early-warning service about global trends as a series of meetings - not in central places like America or Europe - but in far away Australia. Some of the meetings were even in the great Australian outback.
What was this all about?
It is called ‘Understanding the Times’Tour (UTT). During a 5 week period, my wife Leanne and I travelled from north to south (Melbourne to Sydney to Cairns) and then east to west (Brisbane to Adelaide to Perth) and visited regional areas, too. We travelled to 26 places and held 29 meetings.
The goal? Like the ‘children of Issachar,’UTT aims to help people ‘understand the times.’To know what is happening and why. When you ‘understand the times,’a great miracle occurs. God will download into your spirit how, when, where, why, and what you need to do.
Let’s face it - even intelligent dedicated leadership, confronted with the 21st c…

Signs in the Heavens: Blood Red Moons and Shmittah

Its been the ‘hot topic’of the season, subject of best-selling books and of much speculation. Will these ‘signs in the heavens’bring economic meltdown, World War III, or even the second coming of Christ?
What really lies ahead?
The ‘topics’include Blood Red Moons and Shmittah. What are these things and how should we respond?
First, blood red moons are lunar eclipses that give the moon the appearance of orange or red. When you have four consecutive blood red moons, it is called a ‘tetrad.’
Shmittah comes from Leviticus 25, where Israel is commanded to let the land rest from cultivation every 7th year. You are not suppose to sow, prune, or reap, because it is a sabbath’s rest for the land. Seven shmittahs are 49 years, the Year of Jubilee, where liberty is proclaimed in the land. Israel is commanded to do God’s statues and keep his judgments; it she does, she will dwell in the land in safety and the land shall yield its fruit (Leviticus 25:18-19). The Shmittah teachers say that there will…

More Than Revolutionary: Why Study the Book of Romans

Revolutions: there have been some very successful ones in history. One of the best known was the American Revolution of 1775-1781. Less known but very successful was in Asia Minor during the 1920s, which transformed the decrepit, decadent Ottoman Empire into a secular, modern, dynamic, western-leaning, European orientated Republic of Turkey. This was made possible courtesy of the legendary Ataturk. Yet no revolution has had the impact of the one that comes from the Book of Romans.
The Bible in general and Romans in particular has changed individuals, nations, civilisations, and history. For example, a German monk was struggling with his sin issues and, despite his best religious efforts, he just could not break overcome. With the Word of God in front of him, his eyes fell onto Romans 1:17 The just shall live by faith.The words leapt out of the page and he was set free. The monk was Martin Luther and he went on to be a key leader in the Protestant Reformation.
Two centuries later, a yo…