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BREXIT Prevails

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’
Remain a member of the European Union  [   
Leave the European Union                           [   ]

On the morning of June 24, 2016, the United Kingdom and the world woke up to the news that on the previous day the electorate, 52% to 48% with a 72% turnout, voted to leave the 28-member European Union (EU). Britain’s 43 years of membership is coming to an end. A four-month long, bitterly fought campaign between those that wanted to remain in the EU (called Bremain) and those who wanted to leave (Brexit - British exit) has culminated in a shock result - Brexit prevailed, though it was the underdog (BREMAIN had the support of key British political leaders, business leaders, billionaires, globalists, international allies, and EU partners). This is only the third time in Britain’s long history that there has been a referendum and it can clearly be labelled ‘historic.’
Democracy at work…


FROM 'DE FACTO' TO 'DE JURE:' Finding Legitimacy in an Immoral World
Kameel Majdali
Marriage should be honoured by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.’ --Hebrews 13:4

DE FACTO: Existence without legal or ecclesiastical recognition or sanction.
DE JURE: Existence by right according to law.
The clerk handed an overseas tourist her visa application. Immediately her eye spotted the section called ‘Marital Status,’ from which she could choose one of five options. These included:
[   ]  Single; [   ]  Married; [   ]  Divorced; [   ]  Widowed; and... [   ] De Facto.
Unclear on the last option, she asked the clerk what it meant. ‘De facto is when a couple lives together without being married,’ he replied.
‘Oh,’ she blurted out, ‘where I come from, we call that ''living in sin.'"
Cohabitation or ‘The De facto Factor’
One of the disturbing, yet prevalent, trends in the western world is the practice of de f…

TERROR IN ORLANDO: Making Sense Out of the Senseless

It is a popular destination and place of entertainment. Indeed, Disney World is nearby, attracting holiday-makers worldwide. Yet on the weekend of June 11-12, 2016, Orlando, Florida USA went from being a place of fun to a place of terror.
On June 11th, Christina Grimmie, a 22 year old American songwriter, singer, and contestant on NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ was gunned down in Orlando by 27 year old Kevin James Loibl, while signing autographs for her fans. She was a committed Christian who ‘loved Jesus’ and ‘the Bible.’ Her brother Marcus, who tackled the gunman before he shot himself, may have saved more lives.
Then at 2:00 A.M. on Sunday morning, 12 June, Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, a 29 year old twice-married, New York born US citizen of Afghani descent, went into The Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando. A former security guard who legally purchased weapons in the previous fortnight, Mateen was well-armed and well-prepared for what he was about to do. Despite having a shooting exchange with polic…

PANCAKES: A simple Delicious Recipe

If you want to give your family and friends a blessed breakfast surprise, try some home made pancakes. You’ll be amazed how simple and tasty they can be.
1 egg 1 cup self-raising flour (try the gluten-free version, if available) 2 Tablespoons oil (preferably olive or coconut oil) 1 Tablespoon sugar or honey 1 cup milk or plain Greek yogurt. 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon vanilla
1.Beat the egg.
2.Beat in the other ingredients until well mixed and smooth.
3.If you want thinner pancakes, add more milk. For thicker, add less.
4.Grease frying pan or griddle. Put on medium heat. The right temperature is when a few drops of water dance in the pan before evaporating.
5.Put 3 Tablespoons of batter into the fry pan. Let cook until bubbles form on the top an the edges are dry.
6.Flip the pancake and cook the other side until it golden brown. You can dry them on a paper towel. Serve warm.

‘In or Out:’ Britain Votes On Its Future in the European Union

The British are returning to the ballot box, again. This election, however, is a special one. In 2015, Britain had a national election. Upon winning, Prime Minister David Cameron of the centre-right Tory Party, perhaps under pressure from Euro-skeptics in his own party, fulfilled a campaign promise by calling for a simple ‘In or Out’ referendum on whether to remain or leave the European Union (EU).
Currently 28 out of the 50 countries in Europe belong to the EU. Prior to setting the referendum date, Cameron negotiated a ‘special deal’ with the EU, which, he claimed,protected British interests.
Britain Goes to the Polls: The date is 23 June 2016. The ‘Vote Leave Campaign’ is also called ‘Brexit’ (British exit). ’Britain Stronger in Europe’ campaign wants to remain in the EU, hence it is called ‘Bremain.’
Mr. Cameron is in the Bremain Camp, as are the leftist political parties like Labour, Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats. Yet, high profile Tories …