The Day of the Lord - Why Study The Book of Joel?

...for the day of the LORD is great and very terrible; and who can abide it? -- Joel 2:11ff

Few people realise how important and wonderful Bible prophecy can be. Its invaluable benefits include:

1.    Insight into the character of God;
2.    A preview into the future;
3.    An alarm clock to wake up the spiritual sleepers and sober up the drunkards (I Thessalonians 5:6); 
4.    Incentive for holy living;
5.    Incentive for evangelism;
6.    Prospers those who heed its timeless message (II Chronicles 20:20 KJV);
7.    The brightest light on this planet until Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, comes again (II Peter 1:19).

Above all, Bible prophecy is a much-needed ‘early warning service.’ Early warnings save lives and souls.

One of the key themes in Bible prophecy is ‘The Day of the Lord.’ A simple description is the ‘Day of the Lord’ is that complex, contrasting, crisis-riddled, change-filled period between the ‘kingdoms of this world’ and ‘the kingdom of Christ’ (Revelation 11:15).

To understand the ‘Day of the Lord,’ you need to study the Old Testament Book of Joel. This short, 3 chapter prophesy provides unsurpassed insight on this vital period of history and the future.

A foretaste of the ‘Day of the Lord’ happens in Joel’s day, namely the 9th Century B.C. The Kingdom of Judah gets hit twice, with a plague of locusts, then a day of drought.

All of this is just a warm-up to the ultimate, end-time ‘Day of the Lord.’ In that day, Judah is threatened with invasion but salvation is promised. More than that, the Holy Spirit will be poured out in revival, last days proportions. Once the final Day of the Lord comes, the Gentiles who gather against Judah will be judged (Armageddon) and Judah will be restored.

So why study the Book of Joel? Some of the things you will learn include:

      The real nature of the ‘Day of the Lord?’
      What’s the distinction between the ‘Day of the Lord’ and the ‘End-Times?’
      What are the similarities & differences between the invasions in chapters 1 & 2;
      What are some of the wonderfully unprecedented high points, despite invasions;
      The prophesied outpouring of the Holy Spirit (2:28-32);
      The glorious future God has prepared for His redeemed.

Study the Book of Joel. Not only will you prosper, Joel will change your life.

Outline of Joel

I.   Day of the Lord in Joel’s Day (1:1-20)

A.  Day of Locusts                        (1:1-12)

B.   Day of Drought                      (1:13-20)

II.                 Day of the Lord in the Last Days   (2:1-3:21)

A.  Imminent Day of the Lord (2:1-27)

1.  Prophecy of Judah’s Imminent Invasion  (2:1-11)

2.  Promise of Judah’s Salvation (conditional)  (2:12-27)

B.  Ultimate Day of the Lord (2:28-3:21)

1.  Final Events before the Day of the Lord (2:28-32)

2.  Events at the Day of the Lord (3:1-21)

a.  Gentiles judged (3:1-15)

b. Judah restored (3:16-21)


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