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FIRST COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not be inflexible.

All kinds of unexpected things can happen when you travel, so be flexible. Sway like the palm tree in the wind. Otherwise, rigidity will break you.

SECOND COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not be discourteous.

Courtesy will get you much better service than rudeness.

THIRD COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not cut yourself short on time.

Obey this command, give yourself extra time, and your chances of missing your connection will be next to zero.

FOURTH COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not be mute.

Communicate your plans and location to those who need to know; it can save time and grief.

FIFTH COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not travel in ignorance.

Plan your trip properly and learn about your destination, including a few phrases in the native language; you will save time, money, and get more out of the journey.

SIXTH COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not forget the ‘Big Three’

1.    Money,
2.    eTicket, 
3.    Passport 

If you forget everything else, including your suitcase, don’t forget these.

SEVENTH COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not be glued to your smartphone.

It is impossible to enjoy the wonderful scenery if you are constantly staring at your smartphone. Practice situational awareness; what’s the point of connecting with someone around the world via social media on your smartphone, yet you are oblivious to the pickpocket trailing behind you.

EIGHTH COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not complain.

Unless you want to be stranded in the wilderness like the ten spies in Joshua and Caleb’s day, don’t complain. See the positive - of which there will be plenty - and keep a good attitude. In case you sport a bad attitude, treat it like a flat tyre/tire and change it immediately. Otherwise, you won’t get very far.

NINTH COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not be miserable

Travel is fun and educational - enjoy yourself.

TENTH COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt not travel in doubt

Faith is the only way to fly. It makes all the difference in world.


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